Why Being Organized Is Important: Top 15 Benefits of Being Organized

Why Being Organized Is Important: Top 15 Benefits of Being Organized

Some people find getting organized to be a scary or unpleasant task that will “never get done,” and “doesn’t really matter.” These people don’t understand why being organized is important. Unfortunately, this mindset leaves people with messy, cluttered houses, and an undue amount of stress!

If instead, we thought about being organized as an important, valued character trait, such as being responsible, loyal, or honest, our lives could be so different, less busy, and definitely less stressful!

Here, we will explore why being organized is important (so very, very important!), by describing the top 15 benefits of being organized!

Keep reading to learn more about getting organized and how it can change your life!

Why Being Organized Is Important

Why Being Organized Is Important

Benefit of Being Organized #1: It Reduces Stress

Living in a messy, disorganized, and cluttered situation is simply stressful.

With mountains of objects towering over you, you are forced to think about them.. constantly!

It’s impossible to fully focus on chores, appointments, paying bills, caring for pets, or even RELATIONSHIPS when you live in a state of constantly disorganized chaos!

So, when you’re organized, your mind is free! It can focus on whatever you’d like, rather than your junk.

It leaves you time [AND SPACE] to create and maintain an efficient system in your home – whether that’s daily habits for tidying upscheduling and keeping appointments, setting goals, paying bills, regular date night… whatever.

That’s a big win in my book!

PLUS, you no longer have to search for things in your home: clothes to wear, batteries, books, shoes, anything. You know where everything is.

Forget the days of running late because you couldn’t find that pair of heels, or that tie you were looking for. Or frantically running to the store to grab that thing you thought you had.. but couldn’t find.

You know where everything is. You know what you’ve got, and you know how to find it – instantly!

Finally, GONE are the days of stressing out before a holiday, party, event, or just a Tuesday – when people may come over and actually see the madness of your home.

Now, there’s no need to be stressed out if your kid’s friend’s mom comes inside when they come to pick up little Billy or Susie.

No need to have a panic attack 2 days before a family gathering when your grandma will come over and judge the state of your home.

When you’re organized, you welcome them in with open arms, and proudly show off your clean, organized home.

By far, the BEST benefit of being organized is not being stressed out so damn much.

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Benefit of Being Organized #2: Saves Time for Things You Want To Do

Benefit of Being Organized #2: Saves Time for Things You Want To Do

If you’re disorganized, you spend several extra minutes (or hours!?) each day, searching for the things you need.

Maybe you spend hours each month or so, trying to get your mess back under control – only for it to spiral back out of control within a week.

When friends or family come over, you probably spend an entire day (or more) de-clutteringorganizing, and then scrubbing your home from top to bottom.

That’s no fun. You may even end up resenting them for it – and that’s not fair to them!

Instead, when you’re organized, you get the benefit of knowing where things are, having confidence in the appearance of your home, and can instead spend your time how you want!

Relax, have a date night, play with your kids, take a trip, go for a walk – anything that is important to you can now supersede relentless searching!

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